PreIPO® Core Leadership Team

An experienced team of industry professionals.
David Grzan
David Grzan
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
August Liguori
Chief Financial Officer
Photo of Alexa Majdalwai
Alexa Majdalawi
Chief Legal Officer

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Board of Directors

chair: David Grzan

David Grzan

Executive Chairman
  • Serial C-Suite executive in the investment banking, private equity, and commercial banking sectors - with an emphasis on financial engineering and capital sourcing

  • Passionate servant leader & proven team builder who taps excellence over perfection

  • Has held chairman and other board positions at other high profile companies; banks, medical, and real estate

August Ligouri

Board Member
  • CFO World Wrestling Entertainment with focus on IPO, operations and strategic transactions

  • CFO Marvel Entertainment with focus on restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings

  • CFO Atari Corp with focus on global operations

Dana Al Salem Headshot


Board Member
  • Co-founded Yahoo! Europe

  • CEO of FanFactory & Lost Records

  • Serial Entrepreneur in the tech industry with deep global ties.

Mark Leonardo Head Shot

Mark Leonardo

Board Member
  • Partner and deputy chair of Nutter’s Intellectual Property Department

  • Deep experience in engineering, computer science, technology, and brand development

  • Counsels clients in developing comprehensive patent and trademark portfolios that maximize a company’s competitive advantage and protect its products and brands

Photo of Eichenberger

Rene Eichenberger

Board Member
  • Executive Chairman at New Venture Associates

  • Serves on the board and is a General Partner of SPiCE VC, the world's first tokenized venture capital fund

  • Board Member at BrickMark, the global pioneer in utilizing blockchain technology for the tokenization of real estate

Photo of Favio Cacciatori

Fabio Cacciatori

Board Member
  • Managing Partner at A&G Management Consulting

  • Chairman of E.magine

  • Former CEO of Versace SpA ‘03

  • Founder and Board Member of EuroPMI ‘02-’04

Our Team

PreIPO® Committees

chair: David Grzan

Chair : David Grzan

Investment Committee

A robust investment committee dedicated to guiding the firm’s strategic investment plans.

chair: Rob-Roy Roedel

Chair : Rob-Roy Roedel

Finance Committee

A comprehensive team responsible for setting  financial goals while monitoring performance.

Mark Leonardo Head Shot

Chair : Mark Leonardo

IP Committee

A detailed focused group analyzing our positioning to take action on protecting the intellectual property of the firm.

chair: Andrew Abbey

Chair : Andrew Abbey

Fintech Committee

The Fintech committee will oversee an innovative array of SaaS products, including the PreIPO platforms.

chair: Raju Maniar

Chair : Raju Maniar

Audit Committee

A detail focused team of members that conduct diligent, regularly scheduled audits.


Chair : Nunu Tadesse

ESG Committee

A goal-focused environmental, social, governance committee dedicated to putting our best foot forward.

Chair: Harold Alvarez

Syndicate Committee

A strategic group of members to faciliate large alliances and transactions within the ecosytem.

Carole Hoffmans photo

Chair: Carole Hofmann

Innovative Committee

A dedicated team responsible for navigating the ever-changing technology and market landscapes.

CHAIR: Jon Lopresti

Chair : Jon Lopresti

M & A Committee

An integral team responsible for  strategy and processes related to merging with or acquiring other companies.

Chair : Philip Chen

APAC Committee

Responsible for overseeing and coordinating business development, cultural exchange, and networking opportunities related to the Asia Pacific region.

Chair : Wael Majdalawi

Middle Eastern Affairs Committee

Responsible for representing the interests of the PreIPO® in the Middle East, and for fostering relationships with partners and stakeholders in the area.