Next-Level Investing in Pre-IPO Companies: Schedule a Platform Demo

Next-Level Investing in Pre-IPO Companies: Schedule a Platform Demo

Invest in the next wave of pre-IPO companies through our secure and convenient platform. The PreIPO® platform gives you access to cutting-edge technology, proprietary tools, and insights to help you confidently trade on the global private capital market.

How It Works

01. Register for Access 

Join the PreIPO® platform and browse a wide portfolio of mid-to-late-stage startup companies in both onshore and offshore markets. Learn about their innovative offerings, review their investment details, and decide which are best for you.  

02. Find a Deal

Click Invest Now when you’re ready to take the leap, choose your investment amount, and submit the details, including your verification of accredited investor status. 

03. Submit Investment Request

PreIPO® will receive the details on the pre-IPO companies you would like to invest in. Our fund managers will then review your investment details, verify the availability of the company, and create a contract.

04. Invest 

If you accept the terms of the contract, you will provide your payment information to complete the investment. Your subscription will be activated, making you an official member of the associated account.

01.  Register Online at PreIPO.com 

This process is simple and takes less than five minutes. 

02. Submit Your Details 

Enter the name of the pre-IPO company shares you would like to sell, the number of shares, and your preferred asking price per share. A specialist will be in communication shortly after to help you navigate the process, it is okay if you do not have a specific price in mind. 

03. Sell 

PreIPO® will onboard your shares to our platform to provide exposure to a worldwide network of accredited investors in the private capital market.