A Distributed Platform for Private Market Securities

PreIPO® works with investors, issuers, financial institutions, corporations, and broker-dealers to enable the purchase of private market-securities through expansive networks across the globe through its suite of AI & ML based diligence & discovery tools.
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The PreIPO Score™ Diligence Metric

PreIPO INTELLI™ gives you data and insights at your fingertips. Complete your accreditation and KYC to buy shares in leading companies seamlessly through our in-app transaction process.
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AI & ML Powered Diligence-as-a-Service

PreIPO INTELLI™ - Data at your Fingertips

A powerful self-service tool for augmenting your knowledge about private companies, delivered with sentiment analysis, RSS feeds, and more to help you make more informed decisions.

Track Sentiments about Companies in Real-Time

INTELLI's proprietary system is packed into a dynamic dashboard accessible on both Web & Mobile, providing you with powerful tools such as sentiment analysis & ANALYST - a curated quick-read analysis.

Detailed Reports on Private Companies

INTELLI ANALYST gives you the scoop from our team on private companies and where we think they are headed, what the market is saying about them, what some upcoming issues may be, and more.

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