PreIPO Joins Panama's Sustainable Investment Forum
March 26, 2023, a leading investment platform for pre-IPO companies, is excited to announce its attendance at the upcoming two-day event at the Panama Convention Center in Amador. As a company that focuses on providing investment opportunities for private investors, recognizes the value of exploring new trends and investment opportunities in the region from the private sector perspective.

The event kicks off with an exclusive Inauguration Ceremony and Welcome Reception at the Biomuseo, providing an opportunity for to connect with prominent entrepreneurs and industry leaders. This will be followed by a cultural gala and a panel discussion, which will feature insights from experts in the region. recognizes the importance of connecting with industry leaders and networking with local and international experts, and looks forward to participating in these events.

The next day will feature a series of panels on investment opportunities in Panama, investment migration programs, Panama as an emerging digital hub, opportunities in food production, and logistics. As a company that is dedicated to identifying the most promising investment opportunities for its clients, is excited to gain insights into these key areas of investment.

Attending this event will provide with the opportunity to learn about sustainable investments in Panama, and to connect with industry leaders in the region. The event offers a unique platform for to expand its network and identify new investment opportunities, while also gaining a deeper understanding of the investment landscape in Panama. invites all interested parties to join them at the Panama Convention Center in Amador for this two-day event. Don't miss out on this chance to network with local and international experts, and learn about the latest investment opportunities in the region.