PreIPO® Announces Strategic Partnership with THEMIS for Enhanced Financial Crime Risk Management
August 28, 2023
PreIPO's Boca Raton Headquarters

BOCA RATON, FL, UNITED STATES, August 28, 2023/ -- PreIPO®, a digital marketplace focused on private equity, has entered into a strategic partnership with THEMIS, specialists in financial crime risk management. The collaboration aims to integrate THEMIS's AI-powered and human-led risk management solutions into PreIPO®'s upcoming proprietary platform, slated for launch in January 2024. The partnership seeks to elevate the role of KYC/AML protocols from compliance necessities to strategic tools.

Moving Beyond Compliance:
The integration of THEMIS's KYC/AML solutions into PreIPO®'s platform aims to serve as more than just a compliance measure. It is intended to enhance risk mitigation capabilities and could potentially attract a customer base that values robust financial security measures.

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About PreIPO®:
PreIPO® is preparing to launch its proprietary platform in January 2024. The platform is designed to offer a secure and user-friendly environment for issuers, intermediaries, and investors to access private equity opportunities.

THEMIS offers a blend of technology and human expertise in financial crime risk management. Their platform uses AI for initial screenings and data analysis, while their team of experts conducts manual investigations for cases where matches are not absolute, providing a more nuanced approach to KYC and AML due diligence.

Efficiency Through Technology and Adaptability in Global Compliance:
The integration plans to utilize AI and machine learning for automating complex data analysis tasks, aiming for more efficient KYC/AML processes. As PreIPO® looks to expand its reach, the adaptable framework provided by THEMIS is expected to assist in navigating various international compliance landscapes, including EU-specific regulations like GDPR and AMLD5.

Towards Building a Culture of Trust:
The strategic aim of integrating THEMIS's technology and expertise is to move towards building a culture that values trust and long-term relationships, not just compliance.

A Word from PreIPO®:
"The THEMIS integration is about more than ticking off regulatory boxes. We aim to offer our users a more comprehensive approach to financial security, blending technology with human expertise for a more nuanced risk assessment." said CEO David Grzan

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