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Our platform helps companies streamline their secondary offering process, improve liquidity, and enhance transparency for shareholders. Employees and shareholders also enjoy a hassle-free way to sell their shares and achieve their personal and financial goals.

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Tailored Solutions for Equity Issuers

All PreIPO® platform users enjoy a market-leading experience, be it a company seeking private funding, or an employee with equity to convert.
Easy Equity Into Liquidity

Get access to your hard-earned equity and turn it into cash to fund your life goals. PreIPO® helps you easily sell your vested shares, giving you the freedom to use your capital as you see fit.

A Streamlined Process

PreIPO®'s team of private market, operational, and legal experts works closely with your company to understand investor preferences, secondary processes, and policies to ensure a smooth and seamless transaction process.

Trust and Quality Assurance Guaranteed

We are committed to building trust with our clients and partners. All transactions are executed at the highest quality, ensuring companies and shareholders get the best possible value for their equity.

Wide-Ranging Access

Find the right buyers for your shares through our large and diverse worldwide network of accredited investors and institutions. This global exposure also ensures you get the best value for your equity.

Expert Guidance and Support

From helping companies navigate complex legal and regulatory issues, to providing market insights and analysis, PreIPO® works closely with companies and equity issuers throughout the selling process.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Our platform is designed to save time and money on the selling process so you can maximize the value of your shares while minimizing the costs associated with selling them.

How to Get Started

The PreIPO® process is easy and streamlined to ensure companies and shareholders get faster access to private funding and liquidity.

Join the waitlist. This process is simple and takes less than 2 minutes.


A specialist will be in communication shortly to help you navigate the process.


If approved, PreIPO® will onboard your shares to our platform, providing you exposure to a worldwide network of accredited investors.

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