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We're here to assist you in making the most of our powerful platform. Opport resources are designed to help you navigate Intelli with ease.‍

What is Intelli?

Intelli is a revolutionary platform designed to transform your pre-IPO journey. For issuers, it offers a comprehensive view of your company's readiness for the public market. For investors, it provides valuable insights and analytics to aid in decision-making.

How do I access Intelli Reports?

Accessing an Intelli Report is simple. Just provide the URL of the company you're interested in, and our AI-driven engine will generate a detailed report for your review.

What's included in an Intelli Report?

Intelli Reports include an array of valuable information, such as financial health assessments, risk analysis, growth potential insights, and more. It's your roadmap to making informed PreIPO decisions.

Is there a cost for Intelli Reports?

Access to Intelli reports are completely free! All you have have to do create an account with PreIPO here. Report generations are limited to 3-5 reports per week.

How can I contact Intelli Support?

You can reach our support team by using a general contact form located here.

Can I trust the data in Intelli Reports?

Our reports are generated using cutting-edge technology and reliable data sources. However, as with any financial information, it's important to conduct your due diligence before making decisions.

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