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The PreIPO® platform uses cutting-edge technology, proprietary tools, and insights to optimize distribution, maximize liquidity and democratize the capital formation process for issuers, intermediaries and investors. Request access now.

Why Trade With PreIPO®?

Easier and Faster

Companies gain faster access to investors, and investors easily invest in pre-IPO companies.

Thoroughly-vetted buyers and sellers

We vet all issuers and investors before onboarding them onto our platform.


Say goodbye to all the paperwork and attorney fees. We handle all parts of the transaction.

NFT/Blockchain Companies

Diversify your investment portfolio with access to blockchain investing opportunities. 
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Access to Exclusive Deals

The best deals that are exclusive to PreIPO®.
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No Right of First Refusal

Your investments are more secure and liquid.

Offshore Opportunities

Access to private equity investment opportunities in offshore companies
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Single Layer SPVs

Ensures the maximum returns on your investment or shares.

Plus Access to a Suite of Proprietary Tools

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The internet has an abundance of raw data on private companies, but only PreIPO Intelli™ aggregates it in a way that is easily digestible and actionable. Get a full due diligence report on the company you want to invest in within 5 minutes.
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PreIPO Score™

A powerful onboarding tool that analyzes, evaluates, and scores private companies to produce a PreIPO Score™ for risk mitigation and a unique assessment of the company’s strengths and weaknesses.