PreIPO Joins Forces with Nivriti Solutions Global

PreIPO Joins Forces with Nivriti Solutions Global

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August 9, 2023

We are pleased to announce a collaborative partnership between PreIPO and Nivriti Solutions Global. PreIPO engages with exciting privately-held companies poised for public offerings, and our collaboration with Nivriti reflects our confidence in their supply chain asset management solutions.

Nivriti Solutions Global is a notable entity in the supply chain management sector. Using advanced technology, it delivers a range of supply chain management solutions via its NSaaS™ platform. This system provides its users tools to oversee, evaluate, and streamline their supply chains and fleets effectively.

This partnership signifies an opportunity for investors interested in technology-driven companies that show promise within their respective sectors. PreIPO's collaboration with Nivriti Solutions Global aligns with our aim to support companies utilizing modern technology to address intricate business issues.

Nivriti Solutions Global.

Through the potential funds raised from this partnership, Nivriti Solutions aspires to enhance its offerings, including expanding its range of IoT devices and cloud-based platforms. This also encompasses refining their reporting structures from raw material procurement to final product delivery, further strengthening their mission to optimize supply chain and fleet management across various sectors.

Followers of PreIPO may find this association with Nivriti Solutions Global noteworthy, as it complements PreIPO's roster of exciting companies. This partnership presents potential prospects for early investors in Nivriti, a progressive supply chain asset management entity.

To explore this partnership further or to gain insights into other investment possibilities, please visit PreIPO.com. Our platform provides detailed information on the array of businesses we engage with, aiming to guide your investment research. For any additional questions or tailored assistance, you can contact us at info@preipo.com. We are dedicated to facilitating a well-informed and seamless investment research experience for you.

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