PreIPO® Set to Raise $125 Million Series A Round to Manage its Explosive Growth
February 10, 2023

BOCA RATON, Fla., Feb. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- PreIPO®, a financial technology and licensing company has attracted and assembled a best-in-class global team of reputable experts to disrupt, dominate and democratize the private market securities space. Now set to raise $125M in a Series A Round to manage the substantial growth trajectory of PreIPO®. PreIPO® is actively stacking its innovative FinTech platform with exclusive and "Discount-to-Market" deal-flow that is attracting prominent issuers, preeminent fund managers and discerning investors alike to the PreIPO®ecosystem.

PreIPO® has multiple revolutionary platforms that utilize cutting edge technology slated to disrupt the private security markets globally.

One of the proprietary AI and ML-based platforms, PreIPO Intelli™ allows us to discover actionable insights into private companies in the space of minutes, rather than the hours or days that would normally be spent researching. Further than that, the PreIPO Score™ platform, takes these discovered insights and analyzes them to create quantitative metrics on qualitative data, yielding an objective score that can be used by investors, institutions, and brokers when making investment decisions.

There is no other tool like it on the market today.

The $125M Series A Round will allow PreIPO® to fund the continued development of its technology stack, roll-out its global licensing initiative to banks and broker-dealers to provide liquidity to its platform and provide investors with access to deal-flow from anywhere on the planet.

The Series A Round will become available immediately following the imminent closing of the current PreIPO® round. To find out more about PreIPO® and how to participate, visit the PreIPO® Data Room.

About PreIPO®:

PreIPO® is a financial technology company specializing in actively participating in private market securities transactions for qualified investors, sellers, issuers, and financial institutions through its vertically integrated ecosystem of "licensable white-labeled" SaaS offerings designed especially for broker/dealers. PreIPO® serves as a platform that facilitates trading activity and capital raising while providing needed services such as automated deal flow and test valuations, with the purpose of expanding the sharing economy of private markets to a wider audience of investors. To get more information visit or email

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